Distance Selling Agreement

This Agreement will be made on the SELLER's bybahartetik.com electronic commerce website (all of the above-mentioned channels will hereinafter be referred to as the 'WEBSITE'), including the cases where the BUYER (Consumer) makes transactions via the application on his mobile device, phone, WhatsApp line. ) regulates the rights and obligations of the parties regarding the sale-delivery to the BUYER of the following products/services (“Product/Products”) that he/she wishes to purchase by placing an order and other matters. After the BUYER approves this Agreement on the WEBSITE, the price and expenses of the Product(s) he ordered will be collected via the payment method he chose.

Article 1 – PARTIES


Title              : RIZA ERAY TTIK

Address       : Beylikdüzü / Istanbul

Telephone   :

Mobile          : +90 535 648 32 23

Email            : [email protected]

Bank account       :


Name and surname/

Title               :

Address                :

Telephone                :

Email               :


Delivery Information, including the Type and Type, Quantity, Brand/Model/Color, Unit Price(s) and Sales Price of the Products (goods/services), Payment (collection) Information and the delivery location notified by the BUYER, are as stated below. If the cargo company that will make the delivery does not have a branch in the BUYER's location, the BUYER must pick up the delivery from another nearby branch to be notified by the SELLER (Necessary information in this regard will be given to the BUYER by e-mail/mail, SMS or telephone). Other delivery-related issues are specified in Article 7 of the Contract below.

Product/Service Description      Price

Delivery Information


Card number

Delivery address             :

Billing Information              :

Delivery Person        :

Billing address                :

Telephone                         :

Email                        :


BUYER acknowledges and confirms that he/she has been informed about the following issues by seeing and reviewing all general and specific explanations on the relevant pages and sections of the WEBSITE, before this Agreement is accepted and established by the BUYER on the WEBSITE and before entering into the order and payment obligation.

– SELLER's title and contact information and current identification information,

– Appropriate tools-methods for the stages of the sales transaction when purchasing the product(s) from the WEBSITE and for correcting incorrectly entered information,

– Electronic contact information of the Professional Chamber of which the SELLER is a member (ITO-Istanbul Chamber of Commerce) and the rules of conduct prescribed by ITO regarding the profession (Phone: 4440486, www.ito.org.tr)

– Confidentiality, data use-processing and electronic communication rules applicable to BUYER information applied by the SELLER, as well as the permissions given by the BUYER to the SELLER in these matters, the legal rights of the BUYER, the rights of the SELLER and the rights of the parties,

– Shipping restrictions prescribed by the SELLER for the products,

– The payment method-tools accepted by the SELLER for the Product(s) subject to the contract, the basic features of the Products, the total price including taxes (the total price to be paid by the BUYER to the SELLER, including related expenses),

– Information about the procedures for the delivery of the products to the BUYER and transportation-delivery-cargo costs,

– Other payment/collection and delivery information regarding the products and information regarding the execution of the Contract, commitments and responsibilities of the parties in these matters,

– Products and other goods and services for which the BUYER does not have the right to withdraw,

– In cases where the BUYER has the right of withdrawal, the terms, duration and procedure of using this right, and if the right is not exercised in due time, the BUYER will lose his right of withdrawal,

– For Products with the right of withdrawal, if the Product is damaged or changed due to not being used in accordance with the usage instructions, normal operation or technical specifications within the withdrawal period, the BUYER's withdrawal request may not be accepted and in any case, the SELLER will be responsible to the SELLER. In such cases, it may collect an amount it deems appropriate according to the defect or change in question, by deducting it from the refund to be made to the BUYER,

– In cases where the right of withdrawal exists, how the products can be returned to the SELLER and all related financial issues (return methods, costs and refund of the Product price and reward points earned/used by the BUYER during the return, free products in campaign sales, other free/discounted/discounted items provided). including discounts and offsets that can be made without refund to the BUYER for facilities, gift vouchers, etc., and additional collections from the BUYER, if not sufficient, depending on the situation).

– If the BUYER is a legal entity, the products purchased for commercial or professional purposes

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